Parents, use this YouTube video to discuss parties, friends hanging out, and the real dangers of sexual assault among teenagers and college students.

Claire Kaplan, the Director of Sexual & Domestic Violence Services at the University of Virginia, shared a very powerful YouTube video earlier today.  Ask yourself how you can utilize this video with your teenager or college student? 

After watching the YouTube video, many parents will make the mistake of immediately talking about what SHE could have done differently to protect herself.  When you show this sexual assault awareness video to your child, focus on what HE did wrong.  Talk openly and directly about what respect and choices should mean to both males and females.  Discuss how quickly he turned to his physical strengh to overpower her and engage in violence against her.  Then, discuss how this situation could have been handled the proper way by him "asking her first."  If she said, "No", he would completely respect her wishes.  If she said, "Yes", he would only engage in the behavior she agreed to (while at the same time, respecting her right to change her mind).

This video is particularly powerful because of how realistic and true the film is for students.

After watching the video, what questions would you ask your teenager or college student?  Share your thoughts by leaving a COMMENT on this posting.

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