Parents, Cyber Bulling Among Teens is Growing IN HOMES!!

Do you know one of the fastest growing forms of teen violence is?  Cyber Bullying.  Bullies have moved from the hallways of schools directly into our childs’ lives at home.

While most people assume Cyber Bullying occurs only in social networking forums such as, the reality is bullying is taking place through chat rooms and instant messages. More children are harassed through this medium than any other. Check out the statistics:

Of the 1,600 kids between 10 and 15 years of age surveyed across the nation:

  1. 4% reported unwanted sexual solicitation
  2. 9% reported being harassed on social networking sites
  3. 59% more solicitations were received over instant messengers

Overall, kids were 96% more likely to be harassed in instant messages than on a social networking site.

The likelihood of a child being harassed in cyber space and offline is strikingly high. Make sure you know who your kids friends are both in the virtual world as well as the real world.

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