Parents and Teens, Let’s Talk About Sex

What is the message parents are giving their children when it comes to sex education?   For the most part, is seems to be nervousness.  You can read examples in the following article:

Kids continually tell stories about how awkward their parents acted when giving them “the talk”.  Is that the message parents should be sending; that sex and talking about sex is awkward and let’s get the conversation over with as soon as possible? 

Parents need tools to help them talk.  Here is a neat approach:  Our bodies are the only thing we truly can call our own.  As the owner, you decide how it’s treated, who touches it, what we feed it, and how we take care of it. 

This is the message we should be sending our children when it comes to sex and teen violence.  Discuss the emotions involved with sex.  Talk about what love is; respect, open communication, consent, boundaries and what love isn’t; manipulation, intimidation, jealousy, control, violence.   

Remember, your child is your biggest mirror.  The attitudes and behavior regarding sex or any aspect of your life will mimic itself in your child.  Check your attitudes and behaviors and readjust if necessary.

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