Pakistan and Women’s Rights . . . and the US

At the center of all our work is each person having equal rights in all existence. If one believes a partner is not an equal, the one is more likely to disregard their rights to consent, choice, respect, and dignity.

Join us in signing the following pledge for equality:

Often efforts for change are focused only within our own country.  Today, we ask you to think of the females in Pakistan.  Speak out in an effort to create change in our WORLD – beyond our country’s borders.

What borders do you see in the world?  Do you see the world as ONE or as borders diving countries?  I have been blessed to see some of our world’s most beautiful places and some of the most desperate of locations.  In South Africa during 2007, we personally witnessed miles of shanty towns and then later in the same day found ourselves in the natural beauty of the Kruger National Park.  When you sit there in awe, you realize how amazing Earth is.  Then you meet the people of other countries and you realize how people are good everywhere.  An amazing Earth filled with billions of good people.  Why wouldn’t we take more accountability for helping our world as a whole?  Start with signing the pledge for the women in Pakistan.

P.S.  For those focused merely on our country alone, helping the rest of the world become a better place makes our country both safer and sounder in many ways!

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