Nickelodeon Wants Your Help To End Sexual Violence

The Nickelodeon Network is looking to feature a 15yr old to 19yr old female activist working to end sexual violence. Please email us ASAP by the end of Tuesday (October 12th)!

A representative from the Nickelodeon Network called us last night looking for a 15yr old to 19yr old female student activist working to end sexual violence. They are working on a new show sharing positive examples of teenagers making a difference in their community. They need to find the right person for this story by tomorrow morning (October 13th).

If you have someone in mind to receive this recognition, please email me the following information or have the student email to (if a minor, please have their parents email the information). I will forward the emails onto Nickelodeon.

** Name of student activist

** Age

** How the student has gone above and beyond to make an impact.

** How the student has displayed leadership skills.

** How the student got involved?

** What is the student working on now?

** Brief Bio.

** City where the student lives.

** Phone Number of student (if student is a minor, please provide Parent’s names for them to seek permission of the parents).

We look forward to your responses.,
The Date Safe Project

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