National Treasure: the movie, your teenagers, and you being a parent.

Last night, I went to the movie National Treasure: Book of Secrets with my kids.  The film was based on finding a book of secrets each President passes to the next President.  The book is filled with answers to all our country’s greatest mysteries.  Isn’t this concept every parent’s dream?  Picture yourself receiving the Book of Parenting Secrets from your parents (which they received from their parents).  Whenever you have a challenge, you open the book and find the answer.

Would you love to rely on such a book for parenting decisions?  NO!!!!  The reality is many parents do live according to what their parents did in the past.  When it comes to raising teenagers, living in the PAST does not work.  Times change and require each of us parents to adapt to the current atmosphere and challenges our teenagers are facing on daily basis (dating, hooking up, oral sex, alcohol, drugs, etc…).  The only way to find the secrets to parenting, especially connecting with teenagers, is to create a relationship both you and your teen treasure!!

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