Licensees Share Impact of 2-Day Training

K12Nov2013ShirtsAs we are preparing for the upcoming 2-Day Live Training on November 13th and 14th to license individuals to be able to present the “Can I Kiss You?” program to 6th through 12th grade students, we surveyed the attendees from the past 2-Day trainings. You’ll notice the participants come from all over the country.

Here are just a few of their comments:

  1. “A principal at a school I had difficulty reaching commented after the presentation ‘You have an open invitation to come speak with our students any time.’” Lorie B, Crisis Center (Illinois)
  2. “The training is so well done that you feel comfortable asking questions and learning from other’s questions.” Robin H., Crisis Center (Georgia)
  3. Best training in presentation skills including college speech classes.” Kristin C., Crisis Center (Wisconsin)
  4. “The program is very interactive and Mike takes the time to answer individual questions.” Neil D., Crisis Center (Minnesota)
  5. My schools love it and so do community members.” Emory S., Police Officer (Oregon)
  6. “I felt very comfortable asking questions in class as well as reaching out to the group after I got back home.” Amy C, Military. (Missouri)
  7. “The students relate very well to the activities and that helps draw them into the presentation. I’ve been asked back to share again at 7 of the 7 high schools.” Robin P., Crisis Center (Nebraska)
  8. “The program is very relaxed and engaging. This makes you feel part of the program rather than just a participant.” Barbara S., Advocate (South Carolina)
  9. “I especially benefitted from the ‘let’s go there’, when there are difficult questions and challenges.” Matthew Z, Crisis Center (Iowa)
  10. The kids are more willing to open up with this program.” Vanessa W., Crisis Center (Illinois)
  11. The program was easy to follow and understand. Mike was very clear in his training.” Keisha V., Independent Educator (Mississippi)
  12. Any time I have emailed or called I have received a response almost immediately. Very Helpful!!” Jennifer S., Crisis Center (Wisconsin)
  13. “Insight and skills that were shared were a pleasant surprise and great value! It was challenging but the experience offered immediate growth and a positive take away.” Peni M., University (South Dakota)
  14. We have an increase in the number of community members requesting programs for their students – schools, church retreats, and foster programs.” Crystal G., Crisis Center (Texas)
  15. “It’s great info to share with students in a very non-threatening way.” Shellly C., Counseling (Oklahoma)

Join us at the ONLY 2-Day Live Training being held in 2014 on November 13th and 14th. Click here to learn more.

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