INTERNS and Volunteers Wanted!

Are you creative and/or talented? Are you a problem-solver? We are currently looking for caring and talented individuals who want to volunteer their time to help spread the mission of The Date Safe Project Inc.  If you are a student, we would be happy to create a volunteer internship to help you gain credit at school and/or build your resume.

Upcoming projects include:

  1. Online Student Membership Section Development (ideas for articles, help setup interviews with experts & renown personalities; tele-seminars, etc…)
  2. Reviews of movies, TV shows, music – must relate reviews to how the “art” related to the issues we discuss (such as our current discussion on the blog about the “True Blood” HBO series showing a violent sexual scene).
  3. Creation of more educational products helping promote important messages (T-shirts, clothing line, usable products for students, etc…)
  4. Work with corporations to team up with The Date Safe Project Inc.
  5. Building curriculum for K12 schools and potentially universities.
  6. and much more.  If you have an idea, let us know!

To get involved, use our “Contact Us” page here on the website.  Share why YOU want to help and why you are the RIGHT person to help make a difference.  Please provide a few personal and professional references.

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