How Did YOUR State Rank during National Teen Violence Awareness Week?

The results are already in. Out of 50 States, only 3 received an "A" grade when it came to National Teen Violence Awareness week! Congrats to California, Oklahoma and New Hampshire.

What about the other 47 states?  Why is our country still sweeping this major societal crime under the carpet?  Why do parents and school systems believe it doesn’t happen in their communities (or at least not to their children)? 

Do you know one of the largest factors in under-reporting?  It’s the state laws. They aren’t in place for your children. The laws in many states make it difficult for children to come forward and get the protection they need. Does your state have these items in place in the domestic violence law?

  1. Are protective orders and restraining orders available to minors in your state?
  2. Are dating relationships not recognized as valid domestic relationships for obtaining restraining orders in your state?

Did you know that only the New Hampshire law specifically allows minors of any age to go to court by themselves to apply for a protective order?

We need to give minors the ability to be proactive in their lives. Many minors don’t report what is going on because the reporting needs to go through adults. The good news is more and more children are becoming comfortable talking to educators, crisis centers, and law enforcement about what is really going on in their lives.

See how your state did.  Visit today.

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