Hood College Draws in Local Flavor

This past Tuesday night at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, the campus did a fantastic job of getting local educators and professionals to come out for the "Can I Kiss You?" presentation.  After the program, a person from the Baltimore County Schools (1 hour away) introduced herself and then an educator from the local school sytem (in Frederick) talked with me for quite some time.

In our materials, we always encourage campuses to work with their nearby middle schools and high schools to help make a difference throughout the local area (if the facility has enough room to fit their college students and people from the area).  A "Great Job" goes out to everyone at Hood College for caring about their extended community! 

Sometimes when groups are involved in sponsoring, they only want to give financial assistance.  Not at Hood!  Several athletes came up to me throughout the night to tell me how hard everyone had been working at "getting the word out."  When you get peers promoting, you get ENERGY!!


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