How to Handle the Heckler [Video]

While speaking or teaching, have you ever encountered that person trying to dominate the room by arguing with you, i.e., “the heckler?”

While oftentimes it seems this person is doing this for his/her own entertainment, you may be surprised what it is that’s actually occurring. Throughout the years, I have fine-tuned my strategy for engaging the heckler effectively in a way that not only avoids disrupting the learning opportunity, but actually enhances the atmosphere for everyone. When handled appropriately, what is often  perceived as a potential liability (“the heckler”) transforms into an asset and oftentimes ends up thanking you for how you handled that moment.

I will give you actionable advice for handling the heckler in an effective, non-aggressive manner this summer at Education thru Engagement. Join me there in an intimate setting where you will receive lots of one-on-one coaching to learn the heckler handling technique and much more!

Reserve your seat!

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