George Clooney’s Quote on Piers Morgan Tonight

On “Piers Morgan Tonight” on CNN, George Clooney shared the following lesson his parents taught him about life:

“to help look out for people that are less fortunate than you and to challenge people that are in power.”  George Clooney

YES! YES! YES!  My only adaptation would be to say, “when needed, challenge people that are in power.”  Sometimes “people in power” are making courageous decisions and need our support during such times.

While many websites, bloggers, and news outlets were focused on Clooney’s views on marriage, I personally found this portion of the interview to be most worthy of sharing with the world.

What are your ideas of how people and organizations can put George Clooney’s quote into action?  SHARE in the COMMENTS section below.  I look forward to personally responding to each person’s comment!

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