Do You Have IT?

IT is positivity. Are you bringing body positivity to your intimacy?

How do you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror? Do you see all that is awesome about what you’ve got?

While I don’t have the abs I had during my college swimming years, when I flex my my pecs, and tighten my stomach, I like what I see. Hey, I’m not cheating. I’m amping up my mojo. Did I really just say, “mojo”?! When discussing sex and the body, you gotta have a sense of humor.

No matter what bugs you about your appearance—be it cellulite, your belly, stretch marks, muffin-tops, that stupid skateboarding accident scar—there is no bigger bummer than a lover who is so miserable in his or her own skin that they can’t have fun while naked.

Imagine the following situation:

While getting into bed at night, you are checking out your partner’s body – noticing those certain features you love admiring. As you’re enjoying the view, your partner says, “My butt is too flabby.”

You are thinking, “THANKS FOR KILLING THE VIEW!!” Of course, you are smart enough NOT to completely destroy the mood with such a remark. Instead, you share what you DO love about your partner’s body, “I didn’t notice because I was loving looking at your __________.”

Your partner is with you because they are attracted to you—all of you. If you contradict a compliment or insist on keeping the lights off, you have just become a buzz kill!

How do you rev up your mojo? What’s the best compliment you’ve giving your own body, received from a partner, or given your partner? (Keep it PG, people! This is a family site!)

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