Dad’s Round Table Interview

date-safe-projectThank you to Dad’s Round Table for doing a great interview with our Founder, Mike Domitrz, for their website.

Rape, and the Date-Safe Project; an interview with Mike Domitrz

Rape is a crime of violence. It is a crime of subjugation and dehumanization. In rape, sex is a tool used to humiliate and debase. The rapist is not a stranger. He is us.

  • 91% of rape victims are women
  • 73% of women know, or know of, their rapist
  • 38% of rapists are friends or acquaintances of their victim
  • 28% of women regarded their rapist as an ‘intimate’
  • 60% of rapes occur in the victim’s home, or in a friend’s home

According to the National Violence Against Women survey, approximately 1 in 6 women are either raped or have experienced attempted rape. Yet, the figure may be much higher. RAINN (the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) reports that as many as 59% of all rapes go unreported.

When Mike Domitrz, founder of the Date-Safe Project discovered that his sister was raped, he decided to take action. I had the privilege of speaking at length with Mike early in April, 2014.

You can read the rest of the interview here:

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