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Champions of Respect

Train the Trainer Program

The key to long-term cultural transformation is ongoing education and development from within and throughout all levels of an organization. To create a supportive culture based in respect, you need Champions of Respect™ throughout your organization. You need individuals who care deeply about building a culture of respect and have the high-level training skills necessary for doing so.

Leadership needs a commitment to providing those individuals the precise training experience to equip them with every technique and strategy to be most effective. Organizations who fail at providing that experience fail at accomplishing real cultural transformation.


  1. Select Your “Respect Advocates” who will lead the Champions of Respect™ ongoing training program throughout the year.
  2. Bring the guide to provide jam-packed education for helping your “Respect Advocates” be successful and effective in leading the Champions of Respect™ program. Working with us at The Center for Respect, your guide will be one of the world’s most renowned speakers and trainers for creating a Culture of Respect – Mike Domitrz. Mike is committed to making your “Respect Advocates” rock stars of respect.
  3. Schedule a 3 to 5 day in-depth Train the Trainer Workshop at the location of your choice where Mike Domitrz will provide an insightful and transformational learning experience for your “Respect Advocates.” Do you have locations throughout the continent or world? Choose multiple locations and dates to insure the most expansive reach is accomplished.
  4. Each “Respect Advocate” will have 24/7 Access to the Champions of Respect™ Online Community where they will continue to have access to video lessons from Mike Domitrz and be able to learn from other Champions of Respect.


  • Power of Story & Story Telling.
  • Call & Response (powerful engagement technique).
  • Addressing the Hecklers & Challengers.
  • Customizing Your Script & Language.
  • Answering “What Ifs.”
  • Privilege: what does it mean? How am I?
  • Your Why. Your How.
  • Being Inclusive.
  • “Hot Seat” Experiences (Live Feedback Sessions).
  • Implementing the Champions of Respect™ Program,
    including choosing your weekly and/or monthly Champions of Respect.

Champions of Respect

Weekly Video Series

After you’ve had Mike Domitrz speak for your organization, have him continue to teach and inspire the importance of why a Culture of Respect is essential and HOW to instill that Culture of Respect throughout the year.

Repetition is key to cultural transformation. Poor leadership often makes the mistake of choosing “one-off” solutions that only produce short-term results. Your organization understands ongoing, effective programming is essential.

With the Champions of Respect™ Weekly Video Series, everyone in your organization will receive a quick and concise 1 to 3 minute video from Mike Domitrz each week filled with inspiration and/or a skill set they can immediately implement for helping further develop your organization’s Culture of Respect. Plus lessons will be included for helping each person live with more respect in all aspects of their lives. Each video is customized to your organization.

You get Mike reaching each of your organization’s members for an entire year!

**Another option is to have Mike create a video series for those your organization serves (clients and customers) for helping them create a Culture of Respect in their lives.

Champions of Respect

  • What challenges are you currently facing as a leader for creating a culture of respect for yourself, those you lead, those you answer to and in your life as a whole?
  • What is the impact these challenges are having on you and your ability to proactively lead in a caring, effective, and efficient manner?
  • What would be the impact and cost for not solving these challenges?

Imagine having someone you could reach out to for helping you be more caring, effective, and efficient – all based in respect – throughout your role in the organization and in your personal life. The right coach can do that for you.

The right coach asks the right questions. They do not dictate your every move. They help you come to the right answers for you.

The right coach is an awesome guide along your journey. You are the Hero!

With Mike Domitrz as your coach, you gain a highly experienced and trustworthy guide who has worked with professionals at all levels of education, sports, organizational leadership, and at the highest levels of military leadership throughout the world. You gain a guide who honors confidentiality and privacy – whom understands the strength and courage in vulnerability.

Because of the access you gain to Mike when you choose to have him as your Coach, Mike limits how many clients he will coach at any one time. To see if Mike currently has one of the few coaching slots available to learn if you are a good fit for having Mike as a Coach, contact us ASAP.

Mike’s inclusive approach is appreciated by people of all demographics, identities, genders, and sexual orientations.

Mike has been serving corporate clients for decades!

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