Corporations & Associations

Create a culture of respect or be left behind.

The keynote for creating a workplace free from fear, maximizing individual talents, and building mutually amazing relationships.

What would it look like if every individual felt equally valued?


what to do when witnessing degradation and how to intervene (from harassment to assault).


what it will take for everyone to commit to the required changes.


your community to take the necessary steps to take each day to make it happen.

One of the founding experts for helping institutions create a culture of respect, Mike Domitrz shares critical skill sets proven to produce long-term impact on organizational culture.

Internationally renowned speaker and critically-acclaimed author Mike Domitrz provides specific how-to skills so each person at all levels of an organization can implement immediately for building a culture of respect. His preparation and mastery of the material has earned him the credibility and trust within Special Operations across the Department of Defense.
Mike Kontio
Former Joint Special Operations Command
U.S. Army Master Sergeant (Ret OR-8)

Keynote Speaker

Ignite a conversation that gives each person specific how-to skills for creating a culture of respect.

Monthly Coaching

For the passionate leader who wants continued guidance directly from Mike throughout the process.

Train the Trainer

Ensure your leaders continue building a culture of respect internally for years to come.

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