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Informational Packet

Download informational magazine
Download informational magazine

Download this in-depth 20 page informational magazine by clicking on the image or by clicking here. In this special publication, you will get to read articles, hear from educators, professionals, survivors & students from throughout North America. To have the packet mailed to you, call us toll-free at (800) 329-9390.


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Customizing for Specific Audiences
Follow-up Materials from Mike Domitrz
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Articles Featuring Mike Domitrz
Articles by Mike Domitrz & The Date Safe Project
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Podcasts hosted by Mike Domitrz
May I Kiss You? author Mike Domitrz
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Download PR & Marketing Materials

If you are bringing Mike to your campus and need quick access to all his promotional and marketing materials, you will find everything in the links below:

Pledge for Action
Promotional Poster
Fantastic 100 Pack
Head Shots of Mike Domitrz
Pictures of Book Covers (Voices of Courage) (May I Kiss You?) (HELP! My Teen is Dating)
Introduction for “Can I Kiss You?”
Press Releases (upon request)

Customizing for Specific Audiences

Mike Domitrz is known for his ability to tailor each presentation to the needs of the students in attendance and within the framework of the campus’s standards. If your school has a unique culture or you would like Mike to present his program to a very specific body of students (Athletes, Greek Life, etc…), Mike will discuss all of your needs and wants — prior to his arrival at your school. Below are just a few examples of the audiences Mike customizes his program for:

Religious Institutions
Non-Traditional Students
Greek Life (Fraternities & Sororities)
Athletic Departments
Residence Life

One of the most common concerns for some religious institutions is whether certain sexual assault programming is appropriate according to their school’s beliefs and policies. Mike’s presentation is recommended by campuses of all religious standards (from the most liberal to the most conservative). Why? Mike’s entire approach is built around respect for one’s self and your partner. With regards to language and content, his program is considered one of the “cleanest” shows in the country. At the same time, he is one of the most entertaining and educational speakers in the college market! For this reason, Mike is highly sought-after by religious universities!

The concepts shared by Mike in his programs are applicable to all levels of relationships (from a 1st date to a couple who has been married for over 20 years). With Mike being a working husband and father of 4 boys, non-traditional students relate to him and appreciate Mike’s honesty on communication, respect, and healthy relationships — including marriage.

Fraternities and Sororities rave about Mike’s entertaining and interactive approach. Greek Life students are frequently mandated to attend a certain number of sexual assault awareness events. In doing so, they often expect the presentations to be filled with boring statistics. Mike surprises them by using no statistics and by talking to each student as an equal. First, he gets them laughing and then he gets them to create positive change on their campus.

As a state championship coach and a collegiate athlete himself, Mike has a special talent of connecting with athletes. Instead of lecturing, Mike talks with athletes in a language they understand. He provides them with practical solutions and simple skills needed for each person to make positive changes — in their own life and in the lives of the people around them. He inspires athletes to take action that will create a safer community….while at the same time greatly improving the image of the athletic teams on campus. When you call our offices, be sure to ask Rita about potential funding available for campuses who have their student-athletes attend the program.

Mike Domitrz works closely with your Residence Life department to create a tailored workshop for all levels of leadership (from Administration to Resident Directors to RAs to your residents). He will challenge your leadership to evaluate how they address healthy dating issues and how to build the most supportive atmosphere for survivors within your halls. His program is continually a hit at ACUHO-I’s International Convention each summer and has been written about in “Talking Stick.”


Follow-up Materials from Mike Domitrz

After you bring a speaker to campus, do you wish you had more opportunities to continue the lessons learned in the presenter’s programs? Mike Domitrz, in conjunction with The Date Safe Project, has created a new line of posters that are both eye-catching and educational. “Do You Ask?” is the theme of this innovative campaign that teaches students “The only way you can absolutely know what your partner wants is by asking first!” Check the popular posters here!!

In addition the powerful line of posters, you can utilize both of Mike’s books (May I Kiss You? and Voices of Courage) to continue the lessons and skills shared throughout the day by Mike. With the 100 PACK, your campus can get everything for a fantastic price. Click here to learn more!

What is The Date Safe Project? In addition to his speaking and writing, Mike Domitrz founded and is currently the Executive Director of The Date Safe Project. Through interactive presentations, educational resources (posters, buttons, etc…), and national initiatives, The Date Safe Project is committed to being the nation’s leading organization for teaching why “asking first” is the key to building a better understanding of consent and to raising awareness of the many issues surrounding sexual assault.

Articles Featuring Mike Domitrz

Below are articles written by campus newspapers, local media and national publications featuring Mike.

janie_offtheroof_headshot_sJanie Terrazas, host of MUN2’s Television Show “Off the Roof” “Your advice and comments were very insightful. I appreciate you taking the time out to talk with us that evening. I will be sure to continue to tell people about your book. I wish you lots of luck and if I ever need advice, I will contact you. Take care.”


Articles by Mike Domitrz & The Date Safe Project

Below, you will find articles and press releases addressing various issues regarding healthy dating and sexual assault awareness. To obtain permission to reprint any or all portions of the below articles please contact us here.

Click below to read more…
Articles Written by Mike Domitrz & The Date Safe Project
May I Kiss You? Do Your Kids Ask? Parents Teaching Respect & Healthy Dating

Articles Quoting Mike Domitrz
“May I Kiss You? Talk To Your Teen About Date Rape” (, April ’04)
“First-Date Body Language — Decoded” (MSN Dating & Personals, Spring ’05)
“The Girly Guide” (, Nov ’04)
“20 Ways to Avoid 1st Date Disasters” (Complete Woman, Jan ’04)
“Boy Basics 101” (, Dec ’03)
“Kobe Case Serves as Lesson for Pro Athletes” (Houston Chronicle, Oct ’03)
“How Parents Can Help Their Teens Through the Dating Years” (Style Weekly, Sep ’03)
“Kobe Case Disturbs Survivors of Rape” (Grand Junction Sentinel, Aug ’03)

**To submit an article to be added to this page, please e-mail us the article, the source of the article, the author, and the contact information for the author (if not the contact information for the author, then the contact information for the source of the article) to href=””>

News Stories on Dating & Sexual Assault
Rape Crisis Figures Published in Ireland

Mike’s Latest Writings (his Blog)

Join students and professionals who are staying up-to-date with Mike Domitrz and his latest writings. Sign-up today for his newsletter and continue to read his thoughts at his internet blog (online journal).

pic_4Mike’s newsletter is titled “Let’s Talk” and is e-mailed to you on a periodic basis. He shares stories from around the country, lessons from schools, and much more. To get your first edition, click here and sign-up today.

Individuals, educators, and professionals around the world are visiting Mike’s brand new forum for sharing and staying in touch — his BLOG. Readers love his honesty and his engaging style of writing. Don’t miss out.


First Name:


Professional Memberships

Mike Domitrz is proud to be a member of several state coalitions against sexual assault, ACUHO-I (Residence Life), an active attendee of BACCHUS & GAMMA, and an member of the National Speakers Association.

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Podcasts hosted by Mike Domitrz

Available Now: Click here to listen Download using iTunesITunes_Logo

To Download: If you use iTunes, clicking the iTunes graphic on the right is the best way to download. By doing so, each future show will automatically be downloaded directly into iTunes (always providing you the most up-to-date broadcast).

For: educators, professionals and experts who address the many issues surrounding sexual assault, consent and students.

Details: 30 minute bi-weekly show during the school year featuring interviews of top experts and professionals; success stories from schools; thoughts from listeners; and much more. Hosted by Mike Domitrz.

Latest Broadcast: Listen as Ben Atherton-Zeman opens up on how he uses the media and entertainment industry to create important educational lessons. In addition, hear how he got started. Find out how Leigh-Anne Royster has helped to create an incredible program at Elon University. Then, listen to a high school student from Oregon share her success. Plus, 2 big pieces of news.

1) Ben Atherton-Zeman, Creator of “Voices of Men” at
2) Leigh-Anne Royster, Director for Personal Health Programs at Elon University at

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Bring the “Can I Kiss You?” Program to your community. Call now to receive a special 20 page informational magazine and to find the best remaining dates available. Toll Free 800-329-9390 or click here to email us.

More for You. Please click on the following links for more info on the “Can I Kiss You?:”

About Watch the Video “Train the Trainer”
Reviews from Students
College Tour Schedule
Huge Attendance
Continuing Impact Reserve a Date Downloads
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