College Students WIN 10 “Want Some Action?” T-shirts

The following 10 college students won the “Want Some Action?” T-shirts on Thursday night at 11pm. Remember how special 11pm is? Congratulations!!

  1. Ciera from Alberta
  2. Joellen from Iowa
  3. Morgan from Iowa
  4. Kristin from Missouri
  5. Ryan from New Jersey
  6. Sarah from New York
  7. Shane from New York
  8. Sydnie from New York
  9. Bridget from Ohio
  10. Jacqueline from Ohio

If you are one of these 10 people and did NOT receive an email from us tonight, click on the CONTACT US link at the top and email us ASAP. Congratulations again!!

EVERYONE CAN WIN by coming back to the site a few times a week and commenting in the forums. Have fun sharing with others and reading the experiences of students from around the world! Plus, exclusive HOW TO materials will constantly be added for you.

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