CALCASA, Violence Against Women, Sexual Assault, and the Department of Justice: a great day in Washington, D.C.

Today, I presented at CALCASA’s Campus Training and Technical Assistance Institute in Washington, D.C..  Being asked to speak at this specific conference was a great honor.  The conference started two days ago on Tuesday and was finishing up today (Thursday).  The attendees were all recipients of the Violence Against Women Grant. 

The morning started with the Department of Justice’s Director for the Office on Violence Against Women – Cindy Dyer.  She shared her roots in the movement, including being the first woman to wear a pantsuit in her position back in the early 90s.  Her sense of humor was matched with her commitment to making a positive difference in reducing sexual assault.  She was guinely thrilled to have the opportunity her position holds.  I am excited to see the changes she will initiate during her time in this office.

Following Ms. Dyer’s opening comments, I presented "Going All the Way with Consent" for 2 workshop sessions.  During both programs, the audience members were engaging, fun, and passionate. We discussed how to produce effective and meaningful educational programs addressing consent, especially the importance of providing real solutions for students.

To end the conference, I gave the final keynote — "Can I Kiss You?"  Getting to close out the conference for everyone was a honor, especially knowing the makeup of the audience members.  This was a group of professionals who were knowledgeable and devoted to the issue.  For the many people who came up and talked afterwards, Thank you! 

None of this day would have been possible without the Department of Justice and CALCASA (the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault).  The staff with the Office on Violence Against Women talked to me after my keynote and showed great support for the movement to discuss "CONSENT" in more educational programs.  For the CALCASA staff who chose me as a workshop presenter and to have me give the final keynote, THANK YOU!!!

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