Bullying MUST be addressed

This past week, much of our country learned about the Tyler Clementi suicide case (after fellow students humiliated him by posting a video of him in a private situation). How are you bringing this conversation about bullying and humiliating others into your home, your community, among your friends, colleagues, and family?

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  What are you doing to help make a difference?  Have you talked to your children about bullying (both the act of bullying AND being bullied)?  What have you shared with them?

Have you asked them about what if feels like when you see another person in pain?  Have they ever noticed a student who others (whether 1 person or a large group) made fun of?  Did your son/daughter notice the pain the student’s face who was being humiliated?  No one deserves that treatment.

What if your child is being bullied?  Did you tell them, “If anyone ever messes with you, fight back” and just leave it at that?  What if your son/daughter doesn’t physically fight back?  What other options are you providing him/her? Are you reminding the preteens and teens in your life how much you love them and how they can ALWAYS come to you for support.  Let them know how much they DESERVE to have someone to talk with.  If they don’t feel comfortable coming to you, provide them additional options (counseling, resource lines, etc…).

Therapists and counselors are great options for many people.  You go to a lawyer for legal advice.  You go to a medical doctor for your body.  Why wouldn’t we teach our children to go to a doctor for their mind?  After all, the mind is a very complex organ! The more options you provide, the better.

Here is a powerful video from Ellen Degeneres.  Ellen and many other celebrities are speaking out right now.  Their videos are great opportunities to engage the young adults in your life through celebrities they know.  After the video, SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS!!

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