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**This is a LIVE and in-person program for parents.  For the HELP! My Teen Is Dating DVD, click here.**

Parents, how did you learn about dating, boundaries, and intimacy? Remember how our parents stayed away from such talks? Remember all the horrible dating advice your friends gave you? The odd part is most of us actually did or tried at least some of what our friends suggested.

When it comes to dating & intimacy, discover how parents are getting their teens to listen. Imagine having an in-depth conversation about dating and sex with your teenager and then hearing him or her genuinely say, “Thanks for sharing with me. This was actually fun.” Imagine hearing your son/daughter telling you how (s)he let the guy or girl know how (s)he expects to be treated.

We need to be blunt here: sexual dangers are monumental for today’s teenagers. With TV, teen magazines, music, internet pornography, and movies promoting sexual activity among teens, your kids are exposed to images making sexual activity look exciting and even popular. Think of all the kids at school talking about how “far” they went on a date last weekend or even last night.

The pressure for your teen to be more sexual, including engaging in sexual activity, is stronger than ever. With all the talk of fondling, oral sex, and intercourse among today’s teenagers, how do you protect your daughter or son?  You know the old parenting tactics of the past will not work with your children, and letting them find out on their own is way too dangerous and scary! With parenting magazines and websites typically geared at parents of kids under 10 years old, where do you find advice for talking to you teen? Have you tried talking to your teen about dating, sex, and intimacy? Isn’t it amazing how teenagers don’t believe you can possibly understand the feelings they are going through?

More and more communities are turning to author, expert, and a fellow parent of teenagers – Mike Domitrz, the Executive Director and Founder of The Date Safe Project, Inc..  By bringing Mike to present his critically acclaimed “HELP! My Teen Is Dating. Real Solutions to Tough Conversations” seminar to your community for an evening program with parents (combined with an afternoon student assembly at your high school), you and the parents in your community will find yourselves writing notes and thinking to yourself, “This makes complete sense. Why didn’t someone tell us this sooner?

Mike is not going to fill you up with theory.  In this interactive session, you will get nonstop ideas you can implement the moment you get back home.  You are going to learn

  • How to start the talk and get your teen to listen.
  • The right time to allow dating.
  • Three questions that tell all about your teen’s dating maturity.
  • What to say to your teen’s date.
  • The exact words for addressing intimacy and boundaries.
  • The power in asking first!
  • The best way to discuss the dangers from alcohol to sexual assault.
  • How to truly “be there’ for your children.
  • Tips to fun and safer dating for your children.

WHY the In-Person Workshop is a MUST?

While Mike Domitrz’s award-winning DVD HELP! My Teen is Dating is praised by parents, educators, and experts around the country, NOTHING compares to his live presentation.  Imagine having one of the top experts making himself completely available to you and all the parents in your community.  You and each person in attendance will be able to choose whether to share a question you have with everyone or you can ask Mike your question one-on-one after the workshop.

Parents love Mike’s down-to-earth, funny, and blunt approach.  While Mike loves creating resources like his DVDs and books, you will discover his real gift is connecting in-person with each person in the room AND providing with truly helpful approaches to creating change with your teen son or daughter.  During this powerful presentation, you will go from laughing at everyone’s own silly past attempts of “trying to talk with a teen” to emotional moments of discovering how precisely to say what we really want each of our teenagers to know in their hearts.

You don’t want to miss out on this rare opportunity.  Work in conjunction with your local parenting associations, social organizations (Kiwanis, Rotary, Optimists, etc…), school districts, and community agencies to combine funding so that the day is affordable for everyone.

Parents who choose to hire Mike as a Tele-Coach (getting one-on-one access to Mike via phone conversations) pay almost as much for 3 hours of access to Mike as you will for an entire group to hear him speak live in your own community.  The workshop is a fantastic deal.

Call 800-329-9390 TODAY to get an available date!

Limited Dates are Available.  With 4 sons and a wife, Mike limits his travel dates.

**To learn more about Mike Domitrz, click here or scroll over the Mike Domitrz section in the top bar of this website.

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