Boycott Amazon and the “Pedophile’s Guide”

UPDATE on 11/11/10:

Since the original post below was published yesterday, AMAZON HAS REMOVED THE BOOK!  Thank you, Amazon, for rethinking the initial decision and for making the right choice!!

As of Wednesday, Nov 10th, Amazon is allowing the sale of a book which is meant to “help” pedophiles NOT get caught (part of the book’s title is “Pedophile’s Guide” (read more at MSNBC). Amazon is AWARE of the book and doing nothing to remove it from its shelves – citing 1st Amendment rights.  The fact is the 1st Amendment does not demand a corporation sell all publications.  Yes, the author may have the legal right to publish the book. You, Amazon, have the legal right NOT TO SELL the book. Many companies exercise Corporate Ethics each and every day. Amazon show you have ethical standards and remove this book immediately.

Until the time you do remove the book, we will be suspending our books, CDs, and DVDs from your online shelves.  We have changed the status of all our products listed on Amazon to “suspended.”  Unfortunately, they do still appear until the current inventory is used up (not many still in inventory).  Yes, we understand the financial consequences of us and others not making our resources available anymore on Amazon.  Hopefully, Amazon will face enough financial consequences themselves to change their current stand (what a horrible issue to “stand” for – pedophiles).

Authors and publishers around the world, join us in removing your materials from Amazon. Consumers, join the boycott. Show Amazon how much their customers do CARE!

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