“Asking First” for Delta Zeta, Residence Life, and Athletics at CSU – Long Beach

020507_csulongbeach The Delta Zeta Sorority at California State University – Long Beach (CSU – Long Beach) almost had their entire chapter in attendance for the "Can I Kiss You?" presentation (you can see them in the picture).  In fact, they brought the most students from Greek Life to the program. 

One sorority sister shared, "By the way, I went on a date with a guy, who also attended your presentation on Monday, and I kid you not he asked if it was ok for him to kiss me before he actually did it!! I was in shock and so impressed that he was serious. Thanks again for an amazing presentation." You never know how quickly people will begin change!!

Various departments from throughout campus worked hard — which resulted in a standing room only of over 500 students for the event.  Athletics helped sponsored the program and it showed as many teams were in attendance. 

Residence Life, a co-sponosr, encouraged their residents and leadership (RAs, etc…) to attend the main program and then a smaller "Train the Trainer" session was run exclusively for RAs and their Directors.  The attendees in the "Train the Trainer" workshop were very interactive.  I am excited to hear about their upcoming programming ideas and how they will be putting the ideas into action over the upcoming months.


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