Alex Helps Create Caleb’s Law in Georgia

The INSPIRATION of family.

As I was getting ready to speak at Berry College last week, Marshall (a dedicated Advisor to the Peer Health Educators) said that I should meet the student who was introducing me to the audience. Her name is Alex Sorohan. Marshall shared how from the inspiration of her brother, Alex is changing the world and already helped change the LAW in the state of Georgia.

As soon as you meet Alex, you feel the passion and enthusiasm she has for helping others. Two days after speaking at Berry College I was home watching TV when a public service announcement aired. Suddenly, I was recognizing Alex and her story in the PSA. I was yelling in my house, “I KNOW HER” and was so excited to see the powerful PSA she had running on national TV networks.

Today, Alex and I sat down for an interview via SKYPE. By watching this video, you will be inspired by her mission, her passion, and the difference Alex has already made in the lives of others.


Visit TODAY and help Alex make an even bigger impact in our world.<

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