Mike Domitrz was very determined he was going to be on broadway, was going to be in movies, going to be an actor. He graduated high school, went to Chicago, did college, and studied theatre.

Until one day while in college, he learnt from his Mom that his sister was sexually assaulted.

The incident changed the entire course of his life and career, which in turn had changed many people’s lives. He attended a program on sexual assault and decided then and there, that he’s going to do something about it.

He started speaking out in colleges, working in schools. He now takes a tour around the country, speaking in universities and military installations throughout the world, spreading the message of building the culture of consent and respect.

Though a different topic compared to his regular other episodes, Manny Patrick decided to bring Mike on to the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show, as he feels this is a top priority, people’s topic.

In this Episode you will learn:

How it all started for Mike, why he’s decided to go down this mission and what got him to where he is today.

What can be an ideal example about mutual consent between adults?

Why most people are not sexually matured?

How much of an impact do our parents’ relationships have on our lives on that particular understanding / that knowledge?

What the approach can be for somebody who’s had the abuse, the rape incident but is afraid to speak up. What would be a complete step process one should take to get through that?

Is there a part of our health that we should be focusing on more if we’re worried or scared to date?

How do people discover what their values are?

What’s the biggest thing that Mike learned about human behavior and his work in doing this type of stuff?

One impactful powerful message of inspiration for the audience.

Interesting Quotes by Mike Domitrz during the interview:

  • People in our society lack sexual maturity because we lack the discussion skills.
  • Our society don’t talk about sex, it just makes sure people don’t get pregnant or diseased. That’s completely sexually immature.
  • Every survivor has strength and courage inside them, that’s really pivotal important for every survivor to know.
  • The key to health and dating, it’s a combination of emotional and spiritual.
  • Lot of people in the dating world think, how can I make myself LOOK good. What we forget is how do I FEEL good about me, forget about other people’s feelings.
  • When I learnt to feel good for myself, I was different person; I was more attractive to be around.
  • What energy do I walk in a room with? Not for others but for the universe and for yourself.
  • If you wanna see someone’s values, look where they spend their money and their time, especially their time.
  • People want to do the right thing, but we fail to give them the ‘how to’