2-Day Training is a WOW Moment!

One week ago today, we began the first ever  2-day training workshop to license 24 people from around the country to present the “Can I Kiss You?” Program in their local middle schools and high schools. Each attendee brought his or her own story and passion for why they wanted to become licensed to present “Can I Kiss You?” for 6th – 12th graders. By sharing their personal journeys, the attendees provided each other and us great inspiration to dive into the training.

Next, we were in the thick of teaching high-level presentation skills, call and response, and much more advanced techniques.  By the end of Day One, each person had presented 1-2 minutes of material – completely improv – and did a sensational job. WOW the stories we heard in those 1-2 minute segments.

To share so much with each other over 2 days was thrilling. To see the “Aha”  moments occur throughout the room during each hour was wonderful. To know 23 people are going back to their communities to share “Can I Kiss You?” in their local middle schools and high schools is awesome!!

Graduating Class
Graduating Class

As the final day wrapped up, the moment was a bit surreal. 24 dedicated individuals from all over the country (from Texas to NJ) traveled to Milwaukee, WI to become licensed to present the “Can I Kiss You?” program in their local schools and were now heading out to multiply our efforts by 24 TIMES. We always said that we wanted to get this program to the point where it could live beyond me, Mike Domitrz, as the presenter. Today, we watched that goal come to life.

In the next week, each licensee (presenter) will be invited to a private website to continue his/her training throughout the year. The website will have 24/7 access to online training materials, videos, and their own discussion forum. We are excited to follow each of the presenters’ experiences delivering the “Can I Kiss You?” program.

As they are all get started, we are beginning to plan our next training opportunity.  The feedback from the attendees in the past week has been overwhelming. They have told us how they are telling their friends and colleagues that this training is a MUST-DO experience. Inspired by their response, we are moving as quickly as possible to provide that opportunity for people throughout the country. To be notified when the next training is scheduled, click here and signup to receive notification as soon as the dates are announced.

All of this is possible because of my sister who inspired me two decades ago. Thank you, Cheri, for every ounce of who you are!

P.S. Below you can see pictures of many of the graduates.

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