1-on-1 Direct Access to Mike Domitrz

Mike Domitrz
Mike Domitrz

The Date Safe Project Inc. provides multiple platforms for parents to access valuable resources in helping their tweens, teenagers, and young adults make the safest choices possible. For those families who want MORE direct access to Mike Domitrz, you can join others in his Personal Coaching program.

What you get!

Blunt and upfront conversation with Mike Domitrz through 2 one hour phone calls a month. Ask him any question you want.  This IS NOT A COUNSELING SESSION.  Mike is NOT a licensed medical, psychological, legal, or counseling professional.  He is an activist, author, and speaker who is dedicated to helping improve the safety and decision making of today’s society when it comes to intimacy, dating, sexual assault awareness, and supporting survivors.  When you schedule a tele-coaching session, you must understand and agree to sign an online form stating you fully understand that you are simply seeking the opinion of one individual.

The private 1-on-1 sessions have been made available for those parents who want to talk directly with Mike to gain his unique perspective on helping the teens in their family.

PLUS, you receive 2 “How To” online videos each month.  The videos will give parents talking points to utilize with their teenagers to keep this important topic going throughout the year.  One of the biggest mistakes many parents make is to have “ONE TALK” with their teens.  To create long-lasting change, you must have an ongoing conversation!

A message from Mike Domitz

As a parent myself, I tell Moms and Dads there is no ONE WAY to perfection with parenting.  The HELP! My Teen Is Dating DVD and LIVE Workshops are to provide you with specific skills and approaches as options to use with your children.  The online forums have been created to give each parent as many opportunities to hear opinions and ideas for helping with talking to tweens, teenagers, and young adults.  Plus, you can ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS of other parents in DSP Forums.

The tele-coaching sessions in the Parent Coaching Program are specifically for parents who want to talk privately.  One of the reasons the monthly fee is at a higher rate (half the fee schools pay Mike for a 1 hour presentation) is to insure each session is focused and is needed beyond all the other resources The Date Safe Project Inc. provides.

**The Date Safe Project, Inc. donates a portion of every monthly coaching program to a non-profit organization addressing issues surrounding sexual assault and/or healthy dating.

Call 800-329-9390 to get signed up today.

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