List of Programs


Keynotes, Trainings, and Workshops provided by The Center for Respect and lead by Mike Domitrz:

  • “SAFER Choices” presented by Mike Domitrz for K12 Schools
    • Help your students discover specific skills for building a culture of respect and consent for every human being.
  • “Can I Kiss You?” Keynote lead by Mike Domitrz for Colleges & Universities
    • In 1hr, help your students gain specific techniques for bystander intervention, living a culture of consent, and supporting survivors.
  • “Mission Is Transformation” Traning for US Military
    • Provide your installation and/or region’s leaders detailed “How To” skills for integrating a culture of respect throughout all ranks.

To book a workshop lead by Mike Domitrz through The Center for Respect:

Call 800-329-9390

or email us at


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