Leading & Living with LOVE

I wanted to share the following with you. This is a piece I wrote after being inspired by a variety of books I had read. Several people shared they found this helpful. I find taking this approach with love in both our personal lives and professional lives brings joy and additional meaningfulness to life.

If you know someone who may appreciate receiving the following writing, please forward it to them.


Love is the source and foundation of my spirituality. Love is what connects us. Love is what bonds us. Love runs through all living matter like a mycelium of energy to fuel our souls. 

The key is whether we are present and paying attention to love. Are we following love or are we following the voices of our ego or our personalities?
When we surrender to love, we are more present human beings – always. We are more present to the love within us. We are more present to the love in others. We are more present for others. When we appreciate the love around us (in people, in nature, in work, in art, in the sky), we are filled with love. 

Surrender to love. 

Love is powerful and limitless.

Love understands. Love forgives. Love is joyous. Love is passionate. Love comforts suffering. Love laughs. Love fuels the soul. Love is beautiful – stunning and gorgeous. Love is present.

Love does not punish. Love does not hate. Love does not use shame or guilt. Those feelings can only thrive when one is not in alignment with their soul. The soul is pure love.

I love LOVE. 

Each day, I have moments where I do not lead with love and that is okay. That is a reality of human existence. Each day is a journey and no journey is perfect. We do our best knowing we are fallible and love those fallible times for being teaching moments.

And when I do not understand “why”, I choose to be okay with not knowing why. Love knows.

Each day, I trust, follow, and surrender to the loving hand of the universe.

I choose love. I LOVE love.

Mike Domitrz


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